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With an enrollment of about 4OO students, New Explorers High School is part of the $137 million Mott Haven Educational Campus in the Bronx. The five-floor building includes state-of-the-art science labs, a library and multimedia center, a newly outfitted technology room, and many comfortably sized classrooms with Smart Boards and multiple personal computers. We offer a full slate of academic courses designed to prepare students for college and career. In addition, we work to ensure students become well-rounded young men and women. Our facilities are also comprised of a well-equipped gymnasium, a full-size football field, a dance studio, two music rooms, and an amazing 600-seat auditorium.

Does that sound like a lot? You bet it does! That's why we have compiled a list of major destinations in the school. After all, we know you just might be hungry after that math test or dance class and just want to get to the cafeteria as soon as possible! Here's a cheat sheet to help get you where you need to go: 
  • Auditorium, atrium
  • Cafeteria, cellar level
  • College Office, B47
  • Dean's Office, C46
  • East Side House Settlement—GPS Program, B47
  • Football Field, cellar level behind the building
  • Guidance Office, B46
  • Library, cellar level
  • Special Education Resource Room, 149
  • Student Responsibility Center, C46

    B=Basement Level C=Cellar Level

Now that you know the major destinations at the school, what about locating your teacher or other staff member when you have a question or concern? From time to time, you are likely to find yourself asking something like this: If my teacher works out of more than one classroom, how do I find him or her before or after class? What is the name of the guidance counselor? We have been asked all of these questions before, and we are happy to continue answering them. For you convenience, however, we have compiled a staff directory for you too.

How about a little background information on our school? There are many
high schools in New York City, and
we're glad you chose us. Until the 2010-2011 school year, New Explorers was one of several small schools located in the old South Bronx High School. In addition to its regular academic offerings, our school focused on the production of cinematic films. Check out these short films made by our students: Sk8 Forever and  New Explorers High School Montage. We remain proud of these New Explorers graduates and continue to wish them well.

In 2010, New Explorers was given its own space to call home. Upon moving into the new Mott Haven complex, the school added a wider arts theme including classes for music, dance, drama, and ceramics. Our students perform live for many events, both in school and within the community. Please check our Calendar Page for a listing of our performances and come join us! In addition to exciting vocal and musical numbers, our fine-art students are likely to be displaying their creations as well. Our students are very creative, and we love to let them shine on stage and during art shows.

We hope you enjoy your time here at New Explorers. 
Photographs by Mr. Vargon
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